Specialists in Fire Safety Management

About Us

eFireTrack is a service of the Soleran Company. If you’d like to know more about Soleran, keep reading below where we describe our corporate mission, the company structure, our developers, and our philosophy toward our customers.

Our Mission
Soleran’s mission is to create simple applications that allow business professionals to be more productive by automating the common everyday tasks. Driving all information to online databases, Soleran can create virtually any type of application to help your company’s efficiency from sales force automation to content management systems to high-end mortgage and real-estate applications.
About Us
With physical offices in Overland Park, Kansas, Soleran is a
collaborative enterprise with a global footprint. Our partner firms
provide the expertise to customize a solution to your exact needs. Our
international Soleran Development Network (SDN) codes the solutions in
an open, collaborative environment. Project managers oversee the
development process and set goals according to feedback from application
users. Feedback is collected by customer service professionals who
monitor customer satisfaction and champion customer-oriented solutions.
Our marquee applications, are all built on the eAppTrack Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform. With eAppTrack, data and analytics normally reserved for large corporations are available at affordable rates, enabling the comprehensive perspective on sales and performance upon which quality business decisions and plans are based.