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Mobile Application

Why make life more difficult to get your job done? The eFireTrack field tool was designed for and built on the most common platform in modern day smartphones, the Android platform. Designed to make your field technicians or contractors efficient in their work, the mobile platform was designed to be intuitive and practically think for the field technician or contractor.
Anyone that can use a cell phone can use the eFireTrack mobile application designed for easily handling a day’s work. A 3-minute instructional video is all you need to get your tech in the field and working right away (many don’t even need that!).

Utilizing the easy-to-use smartphone-based mobile application, field personnel simply capture all pertinent information of firestop systems through photos, videos, and notes which are automatically associated with a specific Project Entry (Project ID, System ID, Location, etc.). Once captured, information can be uploaded directly from the device via the internet to your eFireTrack database–right from the project location and is immediately (literally within seconds) accessible by back office personnel.

There are many versions of the eFireTrack application to suit the needs of your users whether they are fire
inspectors, fire maintenance, general inspectors, general contractors, or sub-contractors.  eFireTrack mobile was built to help your organization be more efficient, save money, and increase profitability.